Coffee House

Serving Only the Best since 2016


We Believe In Coffee That Tastes Incredible

Bake Free serves only the best gourmet Italian illy coffee. When it comes to coffee, we’re passionate about perfection.


An espresso-based drink, our Cappuccino is layered with creamy, steamed milk foam.


Rich and sweet, illy espresso is complex and harmonious with a strong flavor.


An espresso topped off with hot water, the Americano is strong, full-bodied and rich flavored.


Espresso65 THB
Espresso (Decaf)75 THB
Espresso (Doppio)100 THB
Espresso (Lungo)85 THB
Americano100 THB
Cappuccino90 THB
Latte Macchiato90 THB
Espresso Macchiato75 THB
Hot Chocolate110 THB
Ice Americano110 THB
Ice Chocolate With Cream130 THB
Ice Latte110 THB
Ice Cappuccino110 THB
Ice Mocha130 THB
Extra for Almond Milk (add)30 THb


Earl Grey75 THB
English Breakfast75 THB
Ceylon Supreme75 THB
Darjeeling75 THB
Green Tea75 THB
Green Tea With Jasmine75 THB
Peppermint75 THB
Chamomile75 THB
Lemongrass75 THB
Fresh Ginger Tea75 THB


Nestle Drinking Water (S)30 THB
Soda Water40 THB
Aqua Panna (S)85 THB
S. Pellegrino (S)90 THB

Soft Drinks

Ginger Ale 50 THB
Coca Cola/Coca Cola Light40 THB
Sprite40 THB
Schweppes Lime50 THB
Lipton Ice Tea (Lemon)50 THB


Juices120 THB
Fresh Orange Juice 120 THB
Fresh Orange/Carrot Juice120 THB
Fresh Apple Juice100 THB
Fresh Lemonade90 THB
Fresh Coconut Shake 75 THB
Passion Fruit Soda75 THB
Lime Juice Soda75 THB
Fresh Coconut 75 THB

Alcoholic Beverages

Chang Beer100 THB
Heineken Beer115 THB
Spritz Aperol 200 THB

White Wines



Villa Antinori 190 THB850 THB
Tomaresca190 THB850 THB

Red Wines

Zolla190 THB850 THB
Santa Cristina190 THB850 THB

Sparkling Wine

Prosecco Allegrini190 THB850 THB